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If you are interested in Canadian immigrations programs, you are now in the right place!

Canaxes Immigrations offers representation and specialized assistance to candidates interested to apply for Canadian immigration programs. Our company is represented by a practitioner (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants or RCIC) authorized by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.


Canadian legislation requires immigrations practitioners, in Canada or abroad who provide Canada immigration services for a fee, to be authorized by (ICCRC). RCIC has qualified knowledge and expertise to evaluate the applicants and to offer the most appropriate solution based on their profiles. By imposing this requirement, ICCRC protects the applicants against any frauds at national and international level in regards of any immigration matter.

Why is recommended to identify an authorized consultant:

1. To evaluate the admissibility and eligibility conditions prior to the completion and submission of the immigration application.

The Immigration Refugees Protection Act stipulates the following inadmissibilities:

Existing health conditions




Omissions in relation to the applicant`s declared situations.

Financial reasons

In relations to the principal applicant situation, dependent persons including dependent child or anyone of his family members either they are accompanying his or not in Canada.

2. An incomplete file or a file which contains or has errors may be refused.

Specialized assistance is required to overcome the admissibility of the applicant in relation to the immigration authorities at different judicial levels (appeal or any other judicial procedures) or to obtain exemption from the Canadian immigration decisions (authorization  to return to Canada following a removal order, departure order or exclusion order, the issuance of a temporary resident permit or rehabilitations).

In order to understand the importance of being represented by an Immigration Consultant, click here.

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